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We have decided to write a blog about our smart kid, and document and highlight things about him that are of interest or that come to mind.  It's not often as parents that we get to document everything that our children do, or tell our kids about them.  We're always being told as well that we have a smart child on our hands, so we decided to make this blog to document not only for us to remember down the line, but for our child to reflect back on and see his own progression, and why we, and many others call him a smart kid.  You're welcome to join us as we write about our son, and should another child come into our lives, as we add on another smart kid to the blog as well!  Enjoy!

Growing Up Too Fast - Where Does The Time Fly?

posted by German on Wednesday, March 7, 2012at 21:25 || under General

Growing Up Too Fast - Where Does The Time Fly?

Sometimes, I sit back and tell myself the very thing that our parents would say... our child is growing up too fast.  I'm sure you've probably heard that before from your parents, haven't you?  Well, I can definitely say that I see what they meant when they said it about us.  The time really does seem to fly before your eyes, and before you know it, you'll be saying your child is growing up too fast as well!  Maybe things just accelerate the older we get... I'm not really sure.  But at any rate, I'm still wondering where the time flew!  Maybe if I can take a quick glance, I can catch it before it flies completely away!  lol.

It seems like only yesterday that our little boy, Isaiah was born.  And now we can't believe that he's already 2 years old and in part time preschool now.  Before we can catch our breath, he'll be graduating high school!  I think the one thing that trips us out, and others as well, is that he's advanced for his 2 years of age.  I thought maybe we were going through the whole syndrome of thinking our kid is great because we love our son... you know what I mean if you're a parent reading this.  And why wouldn't we think like this... after all, it is our child we're thinking about, right?  So we would naturally think our child is the cutest, our child is the funniest, our child is the smartest.

Okay, but the funny thing with this is that wherever we take Isaiah, we're always hearing people comment on "wow, he's so well spoken for his age.. you sure he's 2?"  Or things like "wow, he speaks a lot... my 3 year old doesn't speak as much as he does!".  There's of course a variety of other quotes and comments but I won't list them all.  But it just seems apparent that with every person he comes across, aside from people complimenting him on how gorgeous and adorable he is (not my exaggeration, he is always complimented.  Lol!), they're always saying how smart he is for his age.  Mind you, he JUST TURNED TWO a few weeks ago!

I guess with that, sometimes it feels even more that, although he's only 2 years of age, that he actually appears to be growing up too fast, and his attitude sometimes reflects that of an older kid.  He actually likes going towards older kids and wanting to play with them if he could.  There's this skateboarder guy who has to be at least 16, though we think he's older.  Why Isaiah wants to go to him and pretend he's skateboarding too, and mocking the guy jumping on his skateboard shows he has an older spirit about him.  Too funny... we have a TWO year old son who has the intelligence of a Four year old who wants to hang out with sixteen year olds... yeah, our son IS growing up too fast, or is it just me?


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