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We have decided to write a blog about our smart kid, and document and highlight things about him that are of interest or that come to mind.  It's not often as parents that we get to document everything that our children do, or tell our kids about them.  We're always being told as well that we have a smart child on our hands, so we decided to make this blog to document not only for us to remember down the line, but for our child to reflect back on and see his own progression, and why we, and many others call him a smart kid.  You're welcome to join us as we write about our son, and should another child come into our lives, as we add on another smart kid to the blog as well!  Enjoy!

Teaching Through Songs Has Helped Isaiah Learn Fast!

posted by German on Sunday, March 11, 2012at 11:41 || under Experience

Teaching Through Songs Has Helped Isaiah Learn Fast!

Teaching through songs has been something that we had heard in the past to be effective, but no one really puts much thought into it at all.  More people are focused on teaching their child the way a teacher would probably do so, or, as more parents seem to do, let their toddlers be a toddler early on.  But is there a harm for trying to teach your toddler things early on?  Will your toddler really miss out on his or her youth by learning early?

The answer as far as we experience with Isaiah is a loud spoken NO.  In fact, it's quite the opposite, but that depends on what you're teaching your child and how.  Teaching through songs for us has definitely been very effective.  It seems to engage Isaiah into wanting to sing, learn, and remember, and more importantly, have fun!  He's honestly learned pretty quick for his age, and a large portion of that we attribute to songs.  Teaching through songs has really made him enjoy it so much more!

Who said that toddlers are missing out on their youth though by teaching them too early?  The best time for you to teach your toddler is EARLY on!  It's when their little minds absorb the most learning and act like sponges!  And taking some time with your toddler and teaching through songs is definitely going to let your child learn things early!  Make it fun for them.  It doesn't have to be boring at all, nor do you have to bypass it until they're 4 or 5 years old.  Teach them while young, just don't bog their brains down by trying to teach them 10 hours a day either.  

It's like my wife mentioned in an earlier post, Hooked on Phonics which incorporates teaching through songs by singing the alphabet... that has been a major blessing for him and he's learned.  I think that was also where Your Baby Can Read failed as well in my opinion also.  It just spoke words like "baby", and said it a few times, then showed a baby, and said a sentence like "the baby is laying down on the bed".  Ummm, I don't see how my baby is learning from that really.  It doesn't sound out the word baby, so my baby isn't learning, and there's no engaging fun activity for him to use to grasp it.  I'm not saying everything has to be teaching through songs, but, for babies and toddlers, you have to make it fun for them in some kind of way or they'll feel like it's a chore.  Think about it though... when you were in Junior High or High School, weren't some of your more fun teachers the ones that engaged you in some kind of activity or discussion, rather than just sitting there and telling you to memorize some dates, lessons, rules, and so on?  Same applies with children, especially for toddlers I'd say.

It's a trip to us honestly how teaching through songs has helped him.  What trips out even more is when people hear him and say how smart he is, and ask.. "how old is he?"  When we tell them he just turned 2, they are so amazed.  Actually, people have been amazed for several months now when they heard him talking.  We'd hear comments like "oh wow, he knows all his alphabets?  And he's how old?"  "He's sixteen months" we'd reply.  And when they asked us how he knows so much or how we taught him, we'd tell him that teaching through songs is what we did, that we show him some YouTube videos that sing things like the days of the week, or Hooked on Phonics that teaches him each letter by singing a song about it, things of that nature.

My sister-in-law teaches at a school as well... I forget whether it's a kindergarten class or first grade, but she tells us often that we're doing a great job with him, and that a lot of the kids in class still don't know certain things Isaiah knows, like all their alphabets in upper and lowercase, their shapes, how to count, or things like the days of the week or months of the year.  So it's apparent that teaching through songs has really been a great asset for Isaiah to learn.  Of course, we also teach him in other methods as well... we're not singing to him 24/7.  But, it's made it enjoyable for him.  And I think that's the thing that matters is that it's what makes it enjoyable for your child.

I'm not saying you have to be a singer or the next great recording artist in any kind of way at all.  I'm only saying what we've seen with Isaiah in terms of us raising him and his eagerness to learn more and more from songs.  Though I won't say it's for everybody, try it!  Engage with your child... you may find that teaching through songs adds to your child's learning experience and that your child will start surprising you more and more!


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