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We have decided to write a blog about our smart kid, and document and highlight things about him that are of interest or that come to mind.  It's not often as parents that we get to document everything that our children do, or tell our kids about them.  We're always being told as well that we have a smart child on our hands, so we decided to make this blog to document not only for us to remember down the line, but for our child to reflect back on and see his own progression, and why we, and many others call him a smart kid.  You're welcome to join us as we write about our son, and should another child come into our lives, as we add on another smart kid to the blog as well!  Enjoy!

Aren't We Supposed to Be Redirecting Children?

posted by German on Wednesday, April 4, 2012at 11:20 || under General

Aren't We Supposed to Be Redirecting Children?

Okay, so as I asked, "aren't we supposed to be redirecting children?" when they are acting up and don't want to deal with what you're telling them?  I'm guessing based on some of the tips online and ebooks out there, that's what we should do when they are acting up.  However, I had to ask the question above, and you'll find out in a second why.  I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page as parents.  Okay, so here we go!

The reason I asked if we're supposed to be redirecting children when they're doing wrong, is because it seems with Isaiah, he tries to actually redirect us!  Lol!  Yup, go figure, our smart kid thinks he's smarter than his parents and tries to redirect us when we're trying to discipline or scold him for something he's doing wrong, or something that he should be doing.  Have you had your child do that before?  We can't help but to laugh sometimes, but that's what he does, and he's been doing (or trying to anyway) it for some time now, and mind you, he just turned 2 years old recently!

If he's done something wrong, and we're scolding him for touching something that he shouldn't be touching, instead of accepting the discipline, he'll change the subject to something completely unrelated.  And when we stick to our guns and keep the conversation going, he'll try to touch on the same random topic, or, find another one to deal with, just so he doesn't get scolded!!  What a little jokester this child!!

Another instance of him trying to redirect us goes to potty training, and when we are telling him how he needs to poop in the toilet.  He will change the topic again, to some unrelated topic and shrug off what you were just telling him, if it's a topic he doesn't want to touch on.  Lol, I thought us adults were more opt to do things like this, or am I wrong?  I wasn't aware that toddlers possess the ability to try to redirect their parents, especially for a 2 year old.  I'm the oldest brother of 4 of us brothers and a sister, and for as long as I've seen my toddler brother when I was younger, I didn't notice him trying to change the subject and redirect.  I guess we got a taste of it now as parents with our 2 year old son.

I just had to post a brief blog posting about that because I thought it was very funny.  I always knew it as us as parents redirecting children when they need to be redirected and are doing something they shouldn't, but in Isaiah's case, it seems like he feels we're doing something we shouldn't, by scolding him.  Lol!  That's our smart kid for ya!


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