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We have decided to write a blog about our smart kid, and document and highlight things about him that are of interest or that come to mind.  It's not often as parents that we get to document everything that our children do, or tell our kids about them.  We're always being told as well that we have a smart child on our hands, so we decided to make this blog to document not only for us to remember down the line, but for our child to reflect back on and see his own progression, and why we, and many others call him a smart kid.  You're welcome to join us as we write about our son, and should another child come into our lives, as we add on another smart kid to the blog as well!  Enjoy!

Encourage Your Child In His or Her Interests

posted by German on Tuesday, April 17, 2012at 09:32 || under General

Encourage Your Child In His or Her Interests

Isaiah Loves AirplanesI can say as a parent, that one thing that stimulates your child is to encourage your child in their interests.  And, it seems one of Isaiah's interests (at this time, maybe down the line as well) is airplanes, as you can see!  We tend to drive to the airport occasionally and let him look at the airplanes.  I believe he saw them once on TV and liked airplanes... mind you, he was a little over a year probably when he seemed to take an interest in airplanes.

So one day, I took him to the airport outlook, and we sat down and he saw the airplanes take off and land on the runway.  I told him "look at the big airplanes Isaiah, see them fly away and land?"  So at one year of age at the time, after he got a taste of the airport, he wanted to go back.  He would tell me "I want to see big airplane".  Yup, he learns quick, and he wanted to go back again, so I took him... after all, if he was interested, why not?

I think it's very important to learn early what your child's interests are, and encourage your child to learn more about them, to partake in them more as well.  If something fascinates them, take it to the next level.  You never know what that can turn into down the line.  It can wind up being something that touches their interest so much that they pursue it down the road as a career path.  For all we know, Isaiah may decide one day to become a pilot.  The thing though is to always encourage your child to take part in their interests.

I can say this was the case for myself as a child to a degree.  I was always what people said as "creative".  Rather than play around like most kids, I was sitting down drawing things.  When we would visit my grandmother, I would always take my notebook and some color pencils, and I would draw in her house.  It's funny because I never took on a graphics career, but I was always drawing, and mom was always encouraging me to draw more and more.  And so with Isaiah, we encourage our child to keep pushing forward with what he seems to enjoy.  Granted, he can't go to the airport himself, but, we can encourage his interests to learn more about them, like the pilot, the wings of the plane, things like that.

Another thing that Isaiah seems eager in, is learning, just about everything it seems.  He learned his ABC's very early on, and that was because he was eager and interested in doing so.  I can say that a big help to that was the Hooked on Phonics videos, since he already seemed interested in music and learning the songs, so again, encourage your child in their interests.  When we saw that he enjoyed music and songs, and picked up fast on learning them, we went with the Hooked on Phonics approach since it was all about singing.  And he learned them pretty fast.  The same goes for his counting, learning numbers, words, etc.  At the age of 2 now, he has an extensive vocabulary, and is always eager to listen to and learn more words.  And we'll continue peaking his interests with teaching him more, in a method that he enjoys.  After all, in school, didn't you enjoy those teachers that taught you in a way that interested you more than the lecturer who just sat there and read or spoke in monotone?  The same goes with our kids!

So with that, I would definitely want to say that if you see your child interested in something early on, and you're wanting them to learn more, then engage them in it.  You'll be surprised what they can learn if they're given a little push in a way that's towards what they enjoy.  Encourage your child in his or her interests, and use it as a good teaching tool, and your child will go far with it!


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